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Social Selling Service for Financial Advisors

eCairn Social Selling Service is a full service lead discovery, lead engagement and sales process measurement over Twitter that enables Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers, with 15 minutes per day, to network strategically with new affluents, grow their network and build their book of business.

Description of the Service



Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors who are building up their book of business and are specifically targeting new affluents.

Here is a market analysis along with  links to two studies that highlight the critical  importance of new affluents for private banks and wealth management firms.


Market Context

There is a new generation of affluents who become key prospects for Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors.

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 5.36.25 PM.png

These includes entrepreneurs, angels, Venture partners, celebrities, sports celebrities, small business owners, execs in corporations who all manage their personal brand and spend significant time in public social networks.

These people engage on social media and build micro segments i.e tribes  (100’s of people) that can be very profitable for an Financial Advisor /  Wealth manager who focuses and harvests that niche.


As examples:

  • Early employees of a Unicorn.
  • Alumni of an Ivy league School in a specific metropolitan.
  • Employees of successful companies in a building in Manhattan.
  • Women entrepreneurs interested in crowd funding.
  • Affluent interested in buying wines or golf timeshares.
  • CIO’s in Retail.
  • German expatriates in Silicon Valley (CEOs, Venture partners and Angels).


eCairn Solution

eCairn is a big data solution that mine the social web to identify tribes of like-minded and connected people.

eCairn solution is used to identify, profile and engage qualified affluents on social media.

It is a full “Social Selling Service” on Twitter and LinkedIn that provides the following benefits:

  • Market mapping: Identification and clustering of leads (100 leads minimum, active on Twitter and belonging to the same market segment)
  • Lead Profiling: Deep profiles in Linkedin and Twitter and  collection of additional data on leads that are important for Wealth Managers & Financial Advisors.
  • Listening and Curation: A virtual assistant that listens to these 100+ prospects  daily and tags  the key tweets/posts that the Wealth Managers &Financial Advisors should pay attention to  and potentially use to engage with the prospects.
  • Assistance in growing the Wealth Managers &Financial Advisors Network: Weekly and Monthly status on theFinancial Advisor’s effort in connecting with leads and suggestion on when to take the conversation off-line.

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Process & Wealth Manager’s /Financial Advisors’s requirements:

The service is delivered via emails and a mobile application:

  1. Daily emails with key tweets/blog posts for the RIA / Wealth Manager (opportunities to learn or to engage)
  2. Weekly emails with metrics and suggestions for the RIA / Wealth Manager  (who to engage, new targets metrics, key events in the eco-system & weekly metrics)
  3. Monthly metrics and KPIs.

Here are screenshots of the daily email and the Mobile app:

Screen Shot 2017-01-16 at 2.05.35 PM.png

Daily email (example)

Adv App.png

Mobile App

Screen Shot 2016-07-03 at 5.34.47 PM


The Financial Advisor/ Wealth manager spends 15  minutes per day on daily emails, plus 1/2 hour per week and 1/2 hour per month in reflecting on his/her performance.




There is no integration with an existing platform. No technical development is needed to implement the service.



The price  for the service (including virtual assistant) is $500/month, with a minimum of 4 months engagement for one Wealth Manager/Financial Advisor.

Discounts on volume are available.

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