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eCairn Welcomes MBA Students from Hong Kong

August 3, 2013

eCairn is proud to have been host to a meeting with Information and Technology Management students from the Business School at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as part of a week-long field trip to Silicon Valley. Organized by Prof Jeff Yeung, Ms Maggie Leung and Dr Walter Mok from CUHK and Stanford University, this trip aims at introducing the Silicon Valley ecosystem to the CUHK MBA students. It gives them the invaluable opportunity to meet with the executives of high-tech companies big and small.

Our CEO, Dominique Lahaix, gave a thought-provoking presentation of eCairn’s journey as a start-up: what we do and how we came to do it, how we do it now, and for whom. As the floor opened up for questions, students eagerly asked him to share his views on many issues, including the challenges and successes met by him as an entrepreneur and by eCairn as a business.

MBA students from CUHK visiting eCairn

MSc students in Information and Technology Management from the Chinese University in Hong Kong visiting eCairn on Aug 2, 2013

We wish them well as they complete their field trip and eventually graduate from the MBA program at CUHK, and hope to continue the fruitful conversation initiated today in our Mountain View offices. 我们保持联系吧!

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