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It’s Mother’s Day! Don’t forget to do something special for your Mom….

May 9, 2013

Most countries in the world will celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday of May. Bloggers from eCairn’s Mommy tribe started talking more intensively about Mother’s Day in the beginning of April.

The share of voice graph over the past six months shows that within the Mommy tribe with around 8000 blogs there were more than 7000 conversations:


Comparing to eCairn’s Scrapbooking and Stamping tribe with more than 3000 blogs, the share of voice graph over the past six months shows that the increase of conversations about Mother’s Day started in the beginning of March:


Why is the trend different between the 2 communities?

Let’s look at the word clouds from the conversations talking about Mother’s day in those 2 tribes:



Scrapbooking and Stamping:

As you can see, mommies focus more on gifts, giveaways and coupons, whereas scrappers focus more on design, inspiration and creation.

As a marketer targeting Mother’s day, understanding the nuances of the various segments in social media adds relevance to marketing activities.

I think you can make something special for your mom as well :). Here are links to my favorite blogs that can help you prepare the best gift for your Mom!!

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