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eCairn releases its Brazilian Conversation

June 25, 2012

Step by step, eCairn is mapping influencers in the whole Americas!

Indeed, with our newly released Brazilian lists, eCairn has now mapped Brazil, the undisputed powerhouse of South America.
We’re adding to our database a whopping 17k influencers mapped in 25 different tribes.

Brazil matters more than ever for brands; Growth is everywhere: From macro-economics figures  to social media adoption and usage. It’s now the 7th economy in the world, the population is approaching the 200 million mark. Blog audience was 80 million in the first quarter of 2012, according to boo-box. These readers sum up to 5 billion blog visualizations on a three months span. Moreover, in a recent ranking of Facebook users by country, Brazil was ranked #2.

We’ve mapped the following areas:
o Fashion industry (US$ 30bi a year in Brazil) – 845 influencers.
o Beauty industry (US$ 27bi a year in Brazil) – 1203 influencers.
o Further tribes: technology, soccer, games, literature, economy, politics, cars, decoration, diet, education, marketing, sustainability, food, handcraft, Brazilians abroad, music, health, tourism, games, wine &beer, cinema, photo, literature, TV, and religion.

Now, brands can productively tap the fast growing Brazilian social media community for activities such as research, influencer outreach and social properties optimization. As an example, a brand opening a flagship store in Rio de Janeiro can use our lists coupled with eCairn geolocation capability to find with one click the 50 most relevant influencers to invite to the launch event.

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