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Update on eCairn’s Directory of Influencers

September 28, 2011

Lately, we’ve made changes to eCairn’s repository which allows you to find relevant influencers in one click, task that would have taken days or weeks otherwise.
The changes are driven by the need to make its access user-friendly and to accommodate a tremendous growth in size.

Here are the main characteristics:

  • +300 categorized tribes (mommy, cloud computing, personal finance and more)
  • Each tribe has between 100 to 10000 influencers ranked and profiled
  • +150k influencers
  • US, Canada, UK, France as of now
  • archive of ~100 million conversations (we keep a 6 month history)

The main changes we’ve made are:

  • 50% growth: Our tribes are up to date and maintained by our team of analysts leveraging our cutting edge technology.
  • New categories (a category contains multiple related tribes): Moms, Green and Canada
  • Brand new user-friendly structure:
    • Business: 13 tribes
    • Entertainment: 6 tribes
    • Consumer technology: 6 tribes
    • Family & Home: 18 tribes
    • Moms: 12 tribes
    • Food & Drink: 14 tribes
    • Lifestyle: 14 tribes
    • Hobbies: 24 tribes
    • Sport: 16 tribes
    • Society: 18 tribes
    • Green: 7 tribes
    • High Tech: 48 tribes
    • Healthcare: 26 tribes
    • Marketing: 9 tribes
    • Canada: 23 tribes
    • UK: 27 tribes
    • Francais: 28 tribes

To access eCairn’s directory:  Community Tab -> Add Sources -> Browse eCairn’s Lists

See the complete set of tribes by going here.

Of course, if you can’t find what you need in our lists, we can create a custom one for you.  Feel free to email us at

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