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How Ogilvy and Adobe manage Influence and Blogger Outreach with eCairn.

August 31, 2010

Washington D.C.-based global marketing leader Ogilvy has embraced social media for a long
Their 360º Digital Influence hub has developed a leading expertise in social media and always looks for the best tools and technologies that meet their evolving business needs.

eCairn had the opportunity to talk to Laurent Francois, head of the 360º Digital Influence hub in France.

Laurent talks about how eCairn Conversation(tm) is used by his team to understand and model the  influence taking place within communities and use this knowledge to develop targeted engagement programs for their customers.

Listen more here


Next, our team is proud to announce Adobe case study submission to the Forrester Groundswell Awards 2010.
Adobe’s Community team found an immediate return on investment using eCairn Conversation(tm) Social Targeting technology.

In just several weeks, Adobe’s Community team has aggregated 463 highly relevant bloggers for their flash technology, is able to assess individual influence and is now monitoring daily between 200 to 600 conversations that are highly relevant to their business.

Using eCairn Conversation(tm) increases Adobe’s Community team productivity and saves time: “Without eCairn Conversation(tm), it would have taken 2 people for at least 6 weeks to find and rate influencers, without really knowing the accuracy of our search and own analysis”.

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