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5 things that kept VC up at night last week

April 27, 2010

Just out of curiosity, we did a quick investigation about the top topics discussed by the VC community last week and here are the results:

A few words about the methodology (we do want you to read this prior to moving to the insights)

  • we have mapped the VC community, 500 key influencers  (the top 50 are listed at the end of this message and you can send us an email to get the top 150)
  • we’ve extracted the conversations from last week (a few 1000’s) of them
  • we’ve ran them through our conversation analytics engine.

The winners are

1- Silence :-): Out of the 500 top VC blogs we monitor, only 88 actually posted a new article last week

2 – Facebook Opengraph. Announced on the 21th. There was a pre-announcement on VentureBeat on the 19th.

3-  “Credit Card”:  I did not expect this to make the tops but … Blippy was the buzz of the week in the VC community with credit card transactions viewable on Google.

4- Apple, iPad… god knows why.

5 – Games. Hard to find any root cause but there was a spike of discussion on gaming.

6 – eCairn , fantastic solution for Community mapping and Influencers outreach 🙂

Here is the cloud of the most frequent expressions used by the VC community last week ( built with

And here are the top 50 VC blogs according to our algorithm !

Url Title
1 A VC
2 VentureBeat | News About Tech, Money and Innovation
3 Feld Thoughts
4 peHUB
5 Redeye VC
6 Paul Kedrosky’s Infectious Greed
7 Both Sides of the Table — Entrepreneur turned VC
8 Venture Hacks – Good advice for startups.
9 Who Has Time For This?
10 VentureBlog
12 BeyondVC
13 How to Change the World
14 Union Square Ventures: A New York Venture Capital Fund Focused on Early Stage & Startup Investing
15 John Battelle’s Searchblog
16 Paul Graham
17 First Round Capital | Seed Stage Venture Capital Fund in San Francisco, New York and Philadelphia
18 Hacker News
19 Foundry Group – Home
20 Ask The VC
21 National Venture Capital Association
22 – This is going to be BIG!
23 Lightspeed Venture Partners Blog
24 BVP – Venture Capital – Bessemer Venture Partners
25 Seeing Both Sides
26 Jeff Clavier’s Software Only
27 Burnham’s Beat
28 Master of 500 Hats
30 On Startups by Dharmesh Shah
31 WayTooEarly
32 Christine
33 | a tumblelog by Bijan Sabet
34 Thinking About Thinking
35 Mendelson’s Musings
36 Don Dodge on The Next Big Thing
37 The Post Money Value
38 TheEquityKicker
39 Mark Pincus Blog
40 Seth Levine
41 The Resource for Entrepreneurs.
42 Continuations
43 EarlyStageVC
44 Fred Destin
45 Venture Chronicles
46 Information Arbitrage
47 Nothing To Say
48 VC Confidential
49 the vc in me….
50 From Istanbul To Sand Hill Road
51 Sarah Tavel / Adventurista

Update: here is the connection graph for

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  1. blippynews permalink
    April 27, 2010 5:24 am

    After seeing the Blippy debacle I created a blog and ended up making this post about a user of Blippy that was NOT affected by the security issue that everybody was talking about. VCs need to be keenly aware of the bigger picture of their investments. Investing in vehicles that promote the idea that spreading around users’ personal information is somehow good business is short-sighted and a very bad idea indeed. As Blippy found out, putting the cat back in the bag is no small task, even with just a handful of affected users being involved. My example shows the kinds of things that can be learned from any of their users’ information, as it’s all out in the open now. There is an elephant in the room at Blippy HQ, and sooner or later they are going to have to admit that it exists. The alternative will only be more pain.

  2. April 27, 2010 5:31 pm

    Sometimes silence is golden for VCs. Actually, I know a lot of entrepreneurs that wish some of us would shut up! Fun tag cloud – am I #51 on the list?

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