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Communities and Influencers marketing webinar

November 24, 2009

Last week, we held 2 webinars on the topic of  “communities and influencers marketing”.
We believe communities are the new media (thus the decline in other type of media) and as such it’s important for brands and agencies to pay particular attention to the ones that matter.

The goal was to share our view on how to get answers to the following questions:

  • How to identify and engage with influencers?
    (the core set of people driving the conversation in your target market)
  • How to understand the conversation they’re having?
    (i.e: what the influencers on “sales management” or “beauty/cosmetics” are saying when they discuss “how to sale with social media” or “aging”)
  • How to  measure the conversation according to your business objectives?

Here’s the link to the recording.
(it’s about 20-30 minutes long)

At the end, you’ll see links to our 3 sample “Industry Influencer Report for Brands”:


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