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First Post

May 7, 2008

Bim bam boum….
Some noise somewhere in the blogosphere. Perhaps a big bang. It sounds like an “Hello world!”

Blogosphere: Who are you?
Noise: eCairn

Blogosphere: What do you do?
Noise: A company of a few (for now) building stuff that helps marketing organizations
understand and influence relevant conversations taking place in the world of social media.

Blogosphere: What kind of Stuff? Is it useful?
Noise: It’s a secret. Of course! (answer to the second question)
(big laugh from Blosophere who just opened in her browser …she knows better…you can’t keep a secret

Blogosphere (now seeing what the noise looks like): What do you have on your left shoulder?
Noise: It’s a cairn.

Blogosphere: A what?
Noise: A c.a.i.r.n (slowly spelling it); it’s made of stones. Click here

Blogosphere: That’s wierd, I’ve never heard of such a name. I know more about google, twitter, facebook….
Noise: Yeah, I know. Our Cairn hopes to become as useful as those guys sometimes.

Blogosphere: Yeah right, keep hoping little Cairn. But why did you choose a cairn?
Noise: We’re about communities, collaboration, knowledge capitalization, ease of use, mash-up. In barren terrains where its easy to get lost, cairns will show you the right way, it’s built and maintained by people over time as a contribution to those future adventurers who will try to get across, it’s useful; Oh and and it can be fun, look at what people did here

(for those who enjoy the outdoors, this amateur picture was taken in the needles area of the grand canyon of Colorado)

Blogosphere stare at the picture with a mix of amusement and wonder…then says: Ok folks, welcome to my world, you’ll find a lot of friends eager to learn and share here
I wish you a long life.

End of the story for now…

Our blog will be part factual content, part thoughts about what we see happening around us, part about where we’re going. With an adventurous spin and a dash of humor 😉

Hope you will enjoy it.

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